You Got it All Wrong – Electric Century Music Review

Since My Chemical Romance’s disbandment in 2013, the former members of the band have each taken on solo music endeavors, included bassist Mikey Way. He helped form his new band Electric Century with David Debiak and released their first single “I Lied” in February 2014, just shortly after the split.

The continued to released their first LP For the Night to Control as a freebie in a 2016 issue of U.K. magazine Kerrang! However, right after they were silent for quite some time… until now.

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On May 24, Electric Century broke their silence by releasing their new song “You Got it All Wrong.”

The song takes on a mix of britpop and new wave sound with influences from the 1980’s. It is energetic and soothing, while having a space/airy sense surrounding it. Debiak’s soft yet comforting voice sings over electronic beats makes a very satisfying listen.

Lyrics such as “I held the pieces of you lost and left alone,/I saw the days when you were empty on your own” makes the song brilliant, yet slightly eerie and unsettling. Its emotional intensity is wrapped around its upbeat sound.

“You Got it All Wrong” is a catchy song that is easy to listen to, yet once you listen closely you can hear and learn to understand the sad lyrics. It leaves you feeling a mixture of emotions. Overall, it looks like Electric Century is back on their feet and ready to start their next chapter. And we’re all excited to see what they have for us next!

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

~Stay Punk Rock~

Rating: 4/5

Favorite Lyrics:
I held the pieces of you lost and left alone,/I saw the days when you were empty on your own

You Got it All Wrong Audio Video:

Where You Can Find Electric Century:
Official Page


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