Happy Judgement Day – Neck Deep Music Review

UK pop punk band Neck Deep are back in action and ready to take on the music scene again! The band has been relatively quiet since the release of their sophomore record Life’s Not Out To Get You… until now. With the announcement of their third record The Peace and The Panic came not one but two tracks released on May 21. It’s set to be released August 18 through Hopeless Records.

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“Happy Judgement Day” is one of the two tracks released as the introduction to their new record. While a lot of other bands have recently been experimenting with new sounds, Neck Deep has stayed true to themselves and their sound and it shows through this song.

The song has creative hooks and heavy lyrics that work so well with Neck Deep’s sound. The guitar and drums blend perfectly into their breakdown. Lead singer Ben Barlow’s tone drips with sarcasm and anger as his vocals burst through the song’s lyrics.

Barlow is not shy to voice his opinion on politics and controversial topics; however, incorporating political stances has been uncharted territory for the band musically, until “Happy Judgement Day.” With lyrics such as “Building walls and dropping bombs,/ Stop the world I’m getting off” he isn’t subtle with what he thinks. If we couldn’t put the pieces together of who he may be referencing, he also sings “There’s a black cat up in the windows of Parliament,/There’s a man in the back of a black cab, talking about the good days,/When it all went up in flames,/Happy Judgement Day.” Any wild guesses?

“Happy Judgement Day” is a song you can to rock out to while feeling like you’re resisting oppression and corruption. When everything is constantly changing, Neck Deep has been a consistent rock for all of its fans. Neck Deep is back and here to stay.

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~Stay Punk Rock~

Rating: 4.5/5

Favorite Lyrics:
Building walls and dropping bombs,/Stop the world I’m getting off.

Happy Judgement Day Music Video:

Where You Can Find Neck Deep:


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