But Why Would You Care – Knuckle Puck Music Review

With only one full album released, Knuckle Puck has already begun to take over the alternative music scene. This Chicago-based pop punk band, formed in 2010, started out covering their favorite artists, but then began writing their own songs in 2011. The band’s name originated from a “Stick to Your Guns” t-shirt that said “Knuckle Punk Crew.” Its current members are Joe Taylor (lead vocals), Kevin Maida (lead guitar), John Siorek (drums), Nick Casassanto (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), and Ryan Rumchaks (bass). Early in their career, they released a number of EPs, including a split RP with the UK band Neck Deep. The band signed to Rise Records in December 2014 and released its debut album, Copacetic, in July 2015.

“But Why Would You Care” is Knuckle Puck’s fourth song on their EP While I Stay Secluded, which was released in October 2014. The song begins with intimate guitar strums and vulnerable vocals that has a certain edge to it. The drums and bass kick in which creates this hypnotizing environment that surrounds the listener’s ears and makes anyone want to rock out to.

While still early on in their career, the song is not fully polished, which is why it’s so beautiful and fits in perfectly with the messy emotions that Taylor screams out in chorus outlined by Casassanto’s vocals. Taylor’s rough and raw vocals that cry out to his offender add an invested and emotional aspect. The guitar rifts are packed with emotion and depth that carries throughout the song.

The build up in the bridge is absolutely brilliant and exactly how a song should progress. Ending in a powerful statement, “I am an unlocked door and you’re a fucking thief” Knuckle Puck has mastered being able to touch on hidden emotions and putting them into words for the world to connect to.

Knuckle Puck has already proven what it takes to be a successful band. They have gone on to tour with many bands such as Mayday Parade and Senses Fail, as well as their fair share of Warped Tour. Knuckle Puck hits a chord with listeners that makes them wanted to keep hitting the replay button – and that’s exactly what we’ll continue to do.

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~Stay Punk Rock~

Rating: 4/5

Favorite Lyrics:
I am an unlocked door and you’re a fucking thief

Why Would You Care Audio:

Where You Can Find Knuckle Puck:


6 thoughts on “But Why Would You Care – Knuckle Puck Music Review

  1. Thanks for helping me find my new favourite song! I’m constantly looking for new songs because unfortunately I get tired of even the most awesome songs after a while. I swear the first time you listen to a new song it sounds 100x better than all the other times you listen to it.

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