California – Blink-182 Album Review

The legendary American rock band Blink-182 are back at it again with the recent release of their seventh studio album California.

California is easily the most anticipated album of the year due to Blink-182’s fame and the uncertainty of whether the departure of Tom DeLonge would have negative effects on the band’s sound.bored

The album begins with “Cynical” where it reminisces on old Blink, but also acts as a mission statement on the new version of them. Then it leads into their first single, “Bored to Death” that first announced the album – See my review of the song here. At first, I didn’t really like the song, but after I continued to listen, it grew on me. Which represents my feelings on this album as a whole.

Most of the songs are only okay. They are relatively short with direct lyrics, which is a classic Blink-182 style. They sound basic and average – not what you would expect from such an experienced band. Songs like “Kings of the Weekend”,  Rabbit Hole”, and “No Future” may be catchy, but lack a certain punch that makes you really fall in love with them.

Blink also has some more punk-sounding songs on the album, such as “Los Angeles”, “Left Alone”, and “The Only Thing That Matters.” This new sound breaks up the repetitiveness of the other songs basic structure. These lyrics and sound showcases some maturity in Blink.

Despite the lack of creativity on this album, there are a few gems. “San Diego”, “Home is Such a Lonely Place”, “She’s Out of Her Mind”, and “Sober” are some of my favorite songs. Their lyrics hold more meaning and have the potential to be really successful singles.

blink.jpgBlink-182’s California comes with a mix of songs. Some songs have simple and childish lyrics, while others have interesting and meaningful ones.

They need to mature as a band in order to grow. Most of their lyrics aren’t deep and that’s what’s really been holding Blink-182 back from maturing.

They must focus on their writing and avoid only playing the basic chord progression they always use. There is too many ohs, woahs, and nahs and most of the songs sound the same.

Overall, California is okay – only okay. Unfortunately, there is nothing too special here. This album lacks ambition to be someone’s favorite album or have their favorite songs in it. Yes, their songs are catchy, but sometimes that’s not enough.

Let me know in the comments below what you think!

~Stay Punk Rock~

Rating: 3.5/5

Favorite Songs: “She’s Out of Her Mind” and “San Diego”

Listen to the Album Here:

Where You Can Find Blink-182:


5 thoughts on “California – Blink-182 Album Review

  1. I can agree with what you’re saying in some areas (nana’s, woah’s, etc) are a lot for one album. I can definitely hear where at times the songs sort of sound like something I’d hear cycling through a generic pop punk station. Some Good; Some Bad so a 3/5 rating seems fair.

    I will say the classic’s at the moment for me off the album at the moment (off of one listen through): San Diego and Home is Such A Lonely Place. Those two stick out and the more I listen to Home is Such A Lonely Place the more I can see myself listening to it deep in the future and having that sense of nostalgia I love to get when listening to their older stuff. Same with San Diego. The chorus works better than I would have thought if I had read it on paper.

    Funny enough, I actually like No Future as the best single released out of the three with Bored to Death not too far behind it. Rabbit Hole is a ? mark…San Diego would have done waaaaaaaay better in it’s place in my opinion (or Home is Such a Lonely Place :D).

    Overall, I would probably give it a passing grade of 7/10. It has just enough to get by and I think the potential is there if/when their next album comes. I think I had neighborhoods pegged around the same rating when it first came out and took me a few listens and time to appreciate it more.

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    1. Yeah I think that San Diego would be a better single and I can see how people no future. But it does have a few good songs that I’ll add to my playlist. It might be an album that grows on me if I give it time which I hope happens because I do really want to love it too

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  2. I was amused by the video for “She’s Out of Her Mind” but ultimately unimpressed with the album. It felt sloppy and unmemorable and, while some of my favourite songs abuse the hell out of nahs and woahs, the ones here stood out negatively and appeared to be little but a crutch for poor writing.

    It’s a really shame because I love the band but, given the quality of The Offspring’s comeback 2 albums after Splinter, I’m still prepared to give Blink the benefit of the doubt moving forward.

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  3. It wasn’t a bad album, it had some great musical moments for sure! It was so weird to not hear Tom’s voice! I think my favorite album from them will be, Dude Ranch, so good!

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