Can’t Kick Up the Roots – Neck Deep Music Review

Neck Deep are a UK pop punk band in 2012 which consists of Ben Barlow (lead vocals), Sam Bowden (lead guitar), Matt West (rhythm guitar), Fil Thorpe-Evans (bass, backing vocals), and Dani Washington (drums). They released a series of EPs independently and two full-length albums through Hopeless Records.

Can’t Kick Up the Roots is the band’s first single off of their sophomore album “Life’s Not Out to Get You.” It tells the story of their hometown and their experiences growing up. “[It’s] about our love for where we come from in spite of its flaws” says Barlow. Coming from a small town, Barlow sings about how it may not be the most exciting town to live in, but that’s what makes it home. 

Neck Deep takes an interesting take on the classic pop punk cliche. Rather than wanting to get out of town, they accept its faults and remember all of the good times they had growing up. It may be a “shipwreck”, but it’s their shipwreck and that’s what makes it special. They can’t destroy or “kick up” their roots because it will always be apart of them.

Can’t Kick Up the Roots is classic pop punk-sounding song – and that’s what makes it so great. It is a familiar sound that everyone loves. It is such a feel good song that’ll make anyone want to jump along with it. The upbeat rhythm creates a optimistic and cheerful atmosphere that leaves a hopeful aftertaste.

In their new album, Barlow’s vocals sound cleaner compared to their older songs. It still has his trademark sound, but whatever used to be rough around the edges has been smoothed out. In general, the band’s sound seems to be more put together and better produced. The band has found out in which direction they want to go. They have finally found their voice and identity.

 Neck Deep’s passion and drive for their band emanates through their music. The band’s dedication proves that there is not doubt that their success will continue to grow.

~Stay Punk Rock~

Rating: 3.5/5
Favorite Lyric: The golden groves are lined with affluence and roses,/
But the bagheads down by Central Station are closer to where home is.

Can’t Kick Up the Roots Music Video:

Where you can find Neck Deep:


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