My House – PVRIS Music Review

PVRIS (pronounced Paris) is an American rock band from Massachusetts formed by members Lynn Gunn (lead vocalist), Alex Babinski (guitarist), and Blake MacDonald (bassist) in 2012. They released their debut full-length album “White Noise” on November 4, 2014.

It only took me one second of listening to My House, one of the singles from “White Noise,” on iTunes to know that I was going to like PVRIS. Lynn Gunn’s powerful and heart-wrenching voice practically destroys her usual quiet demeanor shown in interviews. She almost sounds like a rock version of Ellie Goulding in the verses, but develops into her own strong and edgy voice during the choruses. My House is a hair-rasing song that hits you right in the stomach. The song revolves around a central theme of trying to get someone (or maybe even something) out of the “house,” but they/it continue to linger. Every line progresses the passion and story of the theme. The heavy guitar and echoes in the background contribute to the ghostly feel. I really like how it is produced and executed to give it that effect.

PVRIS didn’t create just another love-hurt song, but a song that actually makes you feel what the lyrics mean. It gives a sense of eeriness that you can’t quite shake off, but you can’t help but rock out to it. I can easily see them becoming very popular in the near future.

Now excuse me while I watch every interview of PVRIS as I slowly become unhealthily obsessed with them.

~Stay Punk Rock~

Rating: 5/5
Favorite Lyric:
I feel you in these walls/You’re a cold air creeping in/Chill me to my bones and skin

My House Music Video:

Where you can find PVRIS:


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