Cheap Shots & Setbacks – As It Is Music Review

As It Is is a british pop punk band formed in 2012 and signed to Fearless records as of October 2, 2014 as their first UK band. The band consists of Patty Walters (lead vocals), Ben Biss (guitar and vocals), Andy Westhead (guitar), Alistair Testo (bass), and Patrick Foley (drums). Their first studio full length album, Never Happy, Ever After, was released April 21, 2015 with “Dial Tones” and “Cheap Shots & Setbacks” as singles.

Cheap Shots & Setbacks is the album’s second single that has over 240,000 views on youtube. This song is for the kids who are “dead inside” by providing a hopeful message that they can get through whatever adversity comes their way. It addresses the thoughts that go through everyone’s mind of whether they are important or not in this “disenchanted” world.

This song is definitely a song you would turn up full volume and scream it in the car (which I have already done many times). It contains just enough teenage angst to be perfectly mixed with self-empowerment. I usually hate songs that repeat lyrics, but they use repetition just enough so that it becomes a tool to emphasize their message. Walter and Biss’s vocals intertwine throughout the song giving it that extra push that makes you feel the vibrations in your bones.

As It Is is slowly, yet surely, becoming one of my favorite bands due their catchy music and genuine love for music their fans. Cheap Shots & Setbacks is a hidden gem that hopefully more people will be able to experience and appreciate. The lyrics may not go down in the history books or be a famous inspirational text in front of a flower on tumblr, but it certainly gives you a feeling a hope and solidarity from others who feel the same way.

~Stay Punk Rock~

Rate: 4.5/5
Favorite Lyrics:
We’re the kids who are dead inside/But we’re the ones who feel alive

Cheap Shots & Setbacks Music Video:

Where you can find As It Is:

One thought on “Cheap Shots & Setbacks – As It Is Music Review

  1. I have a hard time keeping up with musicians these days. I, for one, appreciate blogs and friends who help me stay updated. This band seems really interesting. I’m glad I stopped by!


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